Tabasamu na Dr. Tulia Ackson -season one.

Tulia Trust’s first season presents the work carried out by the CEO of Tulia Trust and Member of Parliament for Mbeya Urban, Dr. Tulia, for the residents of Mbeya. Honorable Tulia has completed infrastructure projects that were previously in poor condition and has made them suitable for use by the people of Mbeya Urban. Through Tulia Trust, an organization dedicated to supporting the community, providing low-interest loans to small-scale traders and entrepreneurs in the Kyela, Rungwe, and Mbeya districts, and offering healthcare assistance to the community, including Health Insurance.

During this first season, Tulia Trust has collaborated with various development partners to ensure that the community achieves significant developmental goals, which the CEOof the Tulia Trust desires for the benefit of the citizens.

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