Tulia Trust is a non-governmental development organization centered on the welfare of vulnerable groups. The Trust is geared to provide and promote care, protection, and opportunities towards girl child education, rural communities economic empowerment, and women’s maternal health.

Tulia Trust was founded in 2015 by Hon. Dr. Tulia Ackson, Speaker, of Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania. During her years of growing up, she witnessed some of the devastating impact of poverty, HIV, and AIDS on Tanzanians vulnerable groups and communities and the resulting effects on orphaned and vulnerable children.

This followed a heartfelt decision to one day initiate a trust that would be dedicated to supporting these groups within our communities. The Trust wishes to develop the welfare and benefit vulnerable groups in society including women, children, youth, orphans, and people with disabilities against poverty, diseases, and ignorance. We focus mainly on the poorest regions in Tanzania and give priority to particularly vulnerable groups within the society.