Love Flag 2023

Within the framework of the Love Flag Race initiative orchestrated by us, a paramount focus was placed on community welfare, active assistance, and multifaceted engagements. A pivotal aspect encompassed extensive cleanliness campaigns carried out at the Kyimo Ward Health Center, Makandana District Hospital and the administrative office of Ibigi Ward. This thorough sanitation endeavor aimed to establish a hygienic and orderly setting conducive to improved healthcare provisions and efficient administrative operations. Complementing this effort, we demonstrated our unwavering commitment to aiding individuals by distributing wheelchairs, addressing mobility challenges within the community. Additionally, the distribution of crutches further underscored our dedication to assisting those in need. Remarkably, it was the final of Tulia Rungwe Cup 2023 that marked the apex of this initiative, witnessed during a vibrant climax that concluded with a football match between Financial FC and Kiwira, symbolizing unity, sportsmanship, health and fitness within the vibrant community of Rungwe District.


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